Badger Truck Refrigeration, Inc.

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  1. Red Dot

    Red Dot

    Red Dot is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturer of heater and air conditioner systems and components for mobile applications including heavy-duty truck, bus, firetruck, and off-road equipment.

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  2. Kalori


    Kalori manufactures heating systems (aerotherms, electric heaters, convector heaters) and air conditioning systems for special and industrial vehicles of mid-volume and low-volume productions (ambulances, coaches, recreational vehicles, boats, mini cars, agricultural machines , construction machines, forklift trucks, telescopic vehicles) as well as ventilation accessories (roof ventilator), air duct parts (air diffusers, grilles, connectors), valves, mechanical or electronic control systems. This global solution is intended to equip special vehicles or cabins with the appropriate air conditioning system.

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  3. Flex Air

    Flex Air

    Flex Air is a supplier of all makes air conditioning and heating parts and systems for all heavy, medium and light-duty trucks and off-highway equipment.

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  4. Kysor


    Kysor supplies all makes heating and air conditioning parts, units and systems.

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  5. Spal


    Designs and manufactures sealed DC brush and brushless motor electric cooling fans and blowers for OEM automotive, bus, truck, off-highway, construction, power sports, military, marine, and the stationary equipment (generator/APU) markets.

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  6. Cary Products

    Cary Products

    Leaders in providing plastic injection molding air movement solutions.

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  7. Coyote International

    Coyote International

    Coyote International, L.L.C. develops and distributes innovative HVAC and Cab Interior Products for Commercial, Off Road, Marine, Utility, Recreational, and Emergency Vehicle markets. Our exclusive domestic and international partnerships as well as focused “In house” product development set us apart from our competition. Environmental comfort options and Cab interior selections are our area of specialization.

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