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Featured Heating & Air Conditioning Products

  1. Cabaire


    Enginaire's Cabaire is just what is needed to keep your cab a place that is clean and easy to breathe.  Cabaire puts clean double filtered air under pressure into your cab (or other enclosure), so it stays clean.  The positive pressure inside the cab forces the dirt out through the cracks so it does not get sucked in.  Your cab stays clean and you breathe clean filtered air.

    When put in front of your air conditioner, the air conditioner works better and with less power drain.

    Also works good to protect electronic enclosures from contamination.

    Available in 12/24 volt DC for mobile applications and 115 volt AC for building applications.

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  2. Cary Heater

    Cary Heater

    Versatile. With its size, multiple mounting configurations, and low amp draw; our Mini Heater is ideal for small cab heater installations. The Mini Heater is perfect for side-by-side ATV’s, skid steers, compact tractors and many other applications.

  3. Green APU

    Green APU

    APU Instalation is quick and simple. You can decide to have an integrated system with your vehicle’s existing ducting system or custom vents.The Green Auxiliary Power Units has been road tested by drivers in real situations

    1) cut your idle fuel costs by approximately 80%

    2) reduce costly truck service

    3) maintain truck unit longevity

    4) help save the environment

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  4. Proheat X45 Heater

    Proheat X45 Heater

    Proheat X45 is a powerful, diesel-powered engine pre-heating solution for quick and reliable cold weather starting. An integrated pump circulates heated coolant to warm the engine block, making starting easier and reducing start-up engine wear. Proheat X45 features an onboard control panel that displays heater status, while an optional digital timer for the cab adds convenient timer-based starting of the heater. Proheat X45 can also direct heat to the truck cab for driver comfort while reducing fuel costs and emissions from unnecessary engine idling. With more than 15 years in the field, it’s rugged and field serviceable design has proven reliable in even the most extreme temperatures.