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Product Number: BT8-2131

Vortex® MAX is a patented engine precleaner that combines proven, powered technology with high-efficiency filtration, protecting engines from the harmful impact of dust and debris. The small footprint, high-airflow system (900 CFM, 25.48 m3/min) provides constant and sustained precleaned air downstream to the engine, improving machine performance, reducing costly downtime, and lowering total cost of ownership.

Maximize Clean Air Downstream to the Engine

  • Proprietary powered precleaning technology, combined with high-efficiency filtration

High-Airflow System

  • Up to 900 CFM (25.48 m3/min) from a single unit provides protective power of clean air for wide range of machines

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership, Improve Productivity

  • Provide sustained, clean air flow regardless of the machine’s operating state, even in idle
  • Minimize downtime and maintenance costs
  • Reduce dirty air downstream, which can abrade engine components and damage exhaust and aftertreatment systems
  • Extend life of primary engine filter and engine, meet maintenance intervals

Versatile Installation Options ​

  • Available in 12V and 24V configurations ​
  • Compact size and footprint with variable mounting configurations ​
  • Less expensive and easier installation as compared to multiple unit smaller airflow systems​

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