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Product Number: BT8-2102

Includes one precleaner with stainless steel clamp for airflow from 500 to 650 CFM (14.16 to 18.41 m3/min) which fits a 6-inch inlet. Adaptation parts are available for other inlet sizes. Sy‑Klone's patented technology ejects dirt and debris before it reaches the filter housing. Maintenance-free as no dirt is collected within the unit.

  • Extends air filter life, which increases uptime
  • Handles all kinds of mixed debris, including mud, snow, rain, leaves, sawdust, chaff, and dust
  • Lowers cost per operating hour by reducing parts, labor, and downtime costs
  • Lowers air restriction, which increases useable horsepower and improves fuel efficiency
  • Easy to install - we have adaptation kits and parts to fit almost any machine
  • Claims against our limited warranty are practically nonexistent
  • Rugged engineered polymer construction gives you the strength of steel (without the corrosion) at the cost of plastic; the opaque material prevents operator being distracted by visible moving parts

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